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(September 2022)

I enrolled in one of Niles Live breath work sessions on instagram to see what it was entailing. I had the best experience. He was great about communicating with us in posture, breathing techniques, hand positioning, etc. I entered the instagram live very stressed out as a medical student, but I left feeling very relaxed and ready to take on the activities and responsibilities of my day. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is stressed to check Niles out, sit down and talk with him independently so he can personalize the program to you. If you’re nervous, jump in on one of his instagram lives or sign up for one of his local classes in Charleston, SC!


(September 2022)

Whiskey breath work has changed my life for the better.  I’ve been sleeping a lot better for the past two weeks.  I highly recommend


(September 2022)

I have never experienced anything like this before. Before I learned how to control my breathing I would have anxiety on a daily basis.  I am beyond thankful that Niles has been teaching me how to practice breath work whenever I feel anxious. Thank you Niles you are truly amazing.


(June 2022)

Breathing exercises have helped me with sleep, anxiety, and heart rate. My deep sleep is longer, my heart is lower while sleeping, and my restlessness has decreased. Niles pointers on sleep improvement have helped as well. I enjoy having a personal breathing coach as it holds me accountable, and we can measure my improvements. I highly recommend Niles as a breath coach.
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